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Three meters of hanging cloth bale show the floorplan of Virginia Woolf’s "A room of one's own“ (using a drawing by Edith Friedl) and questions from Anja Westerfroelke were juxtaposed to quotes from this essay published in 1929.

“A room of one’s own” has been turned into a slogan. More than 85 years later, it still covers and expresses women’s needs. Some women have read and discussed feminist texts, others have not. The situation of women in contemporary societies has changed. Or has it ? Books have been published, activists’ meetings organized, influential interviews recorded, where have they all gone to ? Where to keep the past and how to act for the future ? Women keep repositioning their perspective on life. Where to find the sentences, the analyses and the examples of their lives to shape it ?
Here they have been compiled, covered, bundled and organized by textile which then becomes the skin of collective knowledge. As an artist and as a woman i understand archiving as a feminist artistic practice. aroom_2006@amazone_2014

Pockets sewn from this textile fabric are attached and contain statements from Annelies Verbeke(writer), Els Flour(archivist) Fatiha Saidi(politician), Inés Rabadan(filmmaker), Myriam van Varenberg(lawyer) and Nadine Plateau(activist).

Handwritten comments are still being added by the visitors. Special thanks to Delphine Dheedene, Marleen Teugels(organisation), Marie-Françoise Stewart-Ebel, Virginie Tumelaire, Anita Vanhoutvinck, Céline Vincent(translation)

In January 2014 the installation was given as a permanent loan to AMAZONE asbl-vzw in Brussels, rue de Méridien 10, B-1210

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