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When art meets culture (2008-2010)

On site in Vilnius, Lithuania, I came across the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. During the Soviet occupation the Sisters of the Visitandines left the convent and the state authorities opened a prison in the buildings. On the inside the church itself was no longer visible after the prison had left in 2007.

During 2008 – 2010 I developed this site-specific Art Installation as well as exhibitions and performances for Vilnius as the European Capital of Culture of 2009. This project was carried out in collaboration with Marie-Françoise Stewart-Ebel, Brussels, while we investigated the relationship between art and culture. Events, such as workshops, lectures, films, etc., were invitations to meet and share the process of rediscovering which linked this location to the order of the Visitandines and the biblical narrative of Mary visiting Elisabeth, both with child, relating it to women's experience and muted history.