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art acadamy in Vilnius

in between students and teachers

March 14, 2008 Dear Arunas Gelunas!

I have been visiting you last week and presented my project ON SITE, included in the Vilnius - European Capital of Cultural 2009 programme .

Thank you again for your time and response as regard to be involved in workshops
concerning European Art Education in 2008 and 2009.

Before leaving Vilnius, I have met with your colleagues and i am pleased that all reacted quite positively: Ieva Kuizinie, Laura Pavilonyte(Egle B. was not back yet) and Alvydas Lukys who introduced me to Arturas Ryla, with whom I was able to speak to on the phone.

I am now preparing a draft application in view of answering the call for project for European School of Art programme at Vilnius 2009 and will soon forward you a copy.

Meanwhile, I am completing the legal and administrative requirements which will enable me, as an artist and teacher from Linz in Austria to proceed with the realisation of an art project in Lithuania. My Vilnius lawyer is finalising the set-up of a "viesoji istaiga", of which I will be the director. This is a first step, as i hope it will be later extended to people/partners involved in the ON SITE project. As I explained to you when we met, this project functions as a layered event of artistic production and cultural encounters integrated in the existing structures of Vilnius 2009 programme.

In order to finalise the registration of the "viesoji istaiga" statutes, i was asked to provide as soon as possible a registration address with an acceptance letter by the proprietor.
I wandered if it would it be possible to do this registration through the Art Academy. I could of course give you the details of the articles of the institution being set up, and the name of my lawyer for further details. My request is not based on "convenience" but to further the meaning of my project to involve Vilnius art and cultural actors.

The postal address for ON site i have organised with the partners in Vilnius i am working with, i ask you only for the formal possibility i could not get otherwise so far.

I will be again in Vilnius early in April.

With many greetings from
Anja Westerfrolke

Talgasse 6
4040 Linz, Austria
+43 732 700173
+370 61311789