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in November 2008 i attended a mass hoping to be able to talk to the bishop

May 6, 2008

Dear Anja and Marie Francoise,

I hope you are well. Today I've got an official letter from kurija saying that they are giving a permission for On Site project (I translated it to Lithuanian as "Susitikimu vieta" - Meeting Place). It is said further in the letter that the church is in bad condition so it could not be open for general public. And that organizers has to take responsibility on safety measures. I guess it's OK - of course we need to make sure everything is safe. As for public - if we'll manage to do installation inside, there should be a way to show it to the people. Basically it means - we've got a permission. What we need now is a detail budget for this an next year according to the instructions which Egle has sent. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Best, Laima