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unfolding the practise for the project

“We need a shared collective ground for collective action. We need to pursue the moments of degrounding, when we're standing in two different places at once; or we don't know exactly where we're standing; or when we've produced an aesthetic practice that shakes the ground.” Gender as Performance: An interview with Judith Butler

Project “ON SITE in Vilnius“ 2008-2009

Anja Westerfrölke
Linz, Austria

Public mediation of a Linz artist working in Vilnius.

A textile and media installation to cover and uncover layers of history of the prison, the monastery and the church and their original architecture at Viziciu Svc Jezaus Sirdies baznyci - Rasu g. 6. From the outside, the church can be seen still to be locked inside the former prison walls, inside the church staircases connect several floors of offices, storage and common rooms.

Events, such as workshops, lectures, films, etc., are invitations to meet and share the process of re-discovering which links the location to the Visitandines order and the biblical narrative of Mary visiting Elisabeth, both with child, relating it to women's experience and muted history.

The project investigates how site-specific art can be integrated into women's local initiatives; how solidarity, exchange, translation and representation are aspects of European cultural collaboration.

Art installation, textile and media. Light telling the story, light installation. Location, text and textile. Exhibits, Prison objects and objectives re-presentation.

Textile and Architecture, models and prototypes, workshop
Inside outside, meeting relatives and friends visiting prisoners.
On Mary & Elisabeth Visitatio’, lecture ‘Women & spirituality’ Gender and the Sacred seminar
On the traces of the monastry garden; Creativity and self-sufficiency, workshops inspired by monastic economics and Visitandines knowledge relevant in women’s life today

Digital platform, worklab and online community
Translating, hospitality, traces
- visiting as a guiding principle
- linking Linz Brussels Vilnius

Viešoji Įstaiga ON SITE in Vilnius,
cultural management as art work