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rote Karten

ich sammle Bilder die uns zum Spenden veranlassen

I collect images which i come across mainly by postal mail, which are used to trigger the notion of "donating for the poor people", images which represent the need of the people i should give money for. I focus on how women are shown for this. (there are hardly ever men in the picture and for the last year i find mostly children)

I use cards 21x15 cm in size, which i process like fabric with red dye - the colour goes through the paper - by this i am controlling less then a painter does.
many cards show no image or fragments which show the traces of this process.
And while drying them again i mold sometimes the shape of a money card into the cardboard.

I have produced about 200 cards by now, they are more an object like a card in old library/archives used to be referring to a real book, they are not ment as a grafic product to put in a frame.
There are still more cards to come.

This "archive" is part of my work called "personal practise" by which i generate answers for the question i expect to come: "what have i known at the time?"

I started to develop containers for about 50 cards which are made out of textile material and flexible when empty.

Since i am interested to show work in places which are not necessarily art institutions as such i try to imply nomadic, flexible strategies:
the cards can be touched, they can be displayed on a wooden strip leaning against the wall lined up in eye level ,
the amount of cards to be shown can vary depending on the intention and situation, location
They have no citation, no signature. I can vary the atmosphere by selecting what cards i put together ....