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DE sommer im mühlvof summer in muehlviertel

Installation at former Rechberger factory, Haslach, Austria (1991)

DEDEDEThe warp beam and the steps, parts of a huge loom, were installed with peoples names and description in the empty former textiles factory. People visiting the exhibition could walk along the steps and make the beam move. On metal plates they could read the names and description of different textiles professions found in the books of the church's archives.
The deprived area north of the Danube between Linz and the Czech border has had a history of textiles manufacturing - linen - since the 17th century. I was invited as an artist to participate in a regional development project involving with different representatives of this area (hand weavers' cooperative, local factory, school for technical weaving equipment, ecological self-organized farming).
I organised a work stay and an exhibition for painting / installation / landart / performance.