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'Visitatio' Miniatur aus Elfenbein im Musée national du Moyen Âge und Innenansicht der Kirchenkuppel der Église des la Visitation in der Rue Saint-Antoine, erbaut 1632-34 nach den Plänen von Francois Mansart für die 1610 in Annecy gegründete Kongregation der Visitandines errichtet.

small cakes are called Visitandines. The main ingredients are : almond powder, very fine sugar, white of eggs, flour, butter

Technique :

melt the butter

mix almonds, sugar + white of eggs
add flour
add melted butter

- important :
leave the prepared mix in fridge at least 2 hours before cooking in oven
(can be left longer, even cook the next day)

use "muffin" style moulds (i found also original mould in shape of big daisy)
fill in only with 2/3rd as it swells
oven temperature 180°-210° for 15mn

- These are the proportions for different recipes i have collected :

- 80g almonds powder
-100g icing sugar
- 2 white of eggs
- 80g flour
- 80g butter
- 75g almonds powder
- 100g icing sugar
- 2 white of eggs
- 40g flour
- 50g butter


- 80g almonds powder
- 145g icing sugar
- 4 white of eggs
- 50g flour
- 110g butter

Visitandines are part of French culture